Welcome to my Portfolio

Mostly Fun Stuff. For the serious things – please go back to the home page.

Fun Stuff

Teamwork, Acting, Performances, Action!


Orchestra Concerts

Unforgettable experiences playing with this amazing group of talented people!


The Play that Goes Wrong

This is our team – awesome, skilled, supporting, amazing!


Reading Competitions

Working with Super Smart People!

Fun video I created for the Green Cause

I was trying to create an educational piece that teaches about recyclables in a fun way

A monologue for my Drama Class

One of the many monologue exercises that helped me improve my acting chops

An Impromptu Performance with a Friend

A friend and I decided to set up an improvised, never-rehearsed performance – hopefully Piazzolla will not be mad at how we butchered it, hehe

A comic I created for History Class

I had fun with the topic and with the process of creating the comic!

My Acting Portfolio from my Drama Class When I was a Junior

Real performances

The folio contains links to videos of some of my performances

My reflections

I have also shared my reflections and how I felt about my performances


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